Fabric Metal is a decorative metal netting which has been refined by ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Co., Ltd. with the application of design onto conventional functions of industrial netting. This versatile material is used on metal products, lighting equipment, jewelry, stationary products, indoor goods, fabric products, clothes, body ornaments, interior decoration, toys, etc.

ORIAMI is world’s first metal wire-netting that can be folded.
Made from a unique material called Fabric Metals*, a free-shaping wire netting that can be folded into anything by anyone.
Oriami is brought to you by combining Japan’s proud tradition of Origami culture and
ISHIKAWA WIRE NETTING Company’s original technology.

What we aim in KANAORI is to educe the caracteristics of metal and combine them to create a material
that gives a feeling like hand woven textiles produced one by one.
KANAORI opens the possibility to envolve as a product that would be touched and
be used closely to people in forms of outfits and parts of housing and interior.